Hi, Dallas/Ft. Worth area
Promo Specialist
$18.00 per hour
Tuesday, January 13, 2017 THROUGH Wednesday, February 4, 2017
There is a opening and closing shift of each day of this event.
Opening Shift: 8am-4pm
Closing Shift: 12pm-8pm

Tuesday, January 13, 2017
Wednesday, January 14
Thursday, January 15
Friday, January 16
Saturday, January 17

Sunday, January 18
Monday, January 19
Tuesday, January 20
Wednesday, January 21
Thursday, January 22
Friday, January 23
Saturday, January 24

Sunday, January 25
Monday, January 26
Tuesday, January 27
Wednesday, January 28
Thursday, January 29
Friday, January 30
Saturday, January 31

Sunday, February 1
Monday, February 2
Tuesday, February 3
Wednesday, February 4, 2017

I am looking for promos that are SUPERSTARS! You know, the kind of promos who make it easy for consumers to listen to. The type of promos who are good at keeping a high level of energy and focus. Yeah, the kind of promos who know how to be warm, friendly and welcoming to the public.

Please send your promo resume and selfies of you smiling to staff@expmkt.com … Subject Line: Ft. Worth Rodeo

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