Productions Plus is seeking talent for 1 day demo – Dec. 27th, 6 hours. Shift will likely be 11-5 but may be earlier depending on the store’s traffic flow.

Pay: $24 per hour!!

Training: Webinar training on Wednesday 12/21 at 11am Eastern PAID TRAINING! You will need to be in front of your computer or connect via phone to watch the demo training.

Coffee machine demo. Talent will be demonstrating the machine to customers. Each store will have 6 machines to sell. The goal l is to sell all 6 on the 27th. — The client is looking into an “bonus” incentive for those who sell out!
If you do not sell out on the 27th there is a possibility we may have you go in on the 28th to finish the sellout, but ideally we want all the machines to be sold on the 1st day.

Reporting- You will be responsible for filling out a report form after the deme. Have the manager sign it, and at the end of the shift you will text or email the talent coordinator your sales and inventory at the store so we can have real time reporting .
The client will ask for a detailed report to be sent over, this is a new product and they want to know what the consumers reaction is to the machines.

Supplies- Machine will be sent to you to practice at home and take with you to the demo- There will be a return label included in order to ship the machine back after the demo.
*Kit supplies: Coffee, creamer, sugar, cups, towel, maintenance kit.
We will be asking the store to provide a table and extension cord. If the store doesn’t have a table we will ask you to bring one. You will need to supply a tablecloth.

We are looking for experienced, dependable staff.

Send resume and headshot to: RBLISS@PRODUCTIONS-PLUS.COM

ONTARIO: Burlington, Kingston

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